The Misunderstood Possum


🐭One of the most discriminated animals is the possum. Because they are not cute with a fluffy tail like a squirrel, and they have a pointy face with a grill of more than 50 teeth.... they are totally misunderstood and mistreated. So based on their looks, they get the sh*tty end of the stick.

Possums are extremely gentle creatures, super smart & clean. They are scared of humans, and they will avoid confrontation or play dead when they see a human. They also can’t choose when they play dead, it’s an involuntary reaction triggered by stress. They will attack only to defend themselves but it’s rare.

Humans tend to think that they have rabies, when in fact they are mostly immune to rabies & most venomous snakes! There are a few documented rabies cases but it’s extremely rare. They’re low body temperature is not suitable for the rabies virus.

They score higher than dogs, cats, rats and rabbit when it’s come to remembering where to find food. They are constantly self grooming like a cat. Possums kill thousands of ticks each week, inhibiting the spread of Lyme disease to humans!

As babies grow bigger, mama carries them on their back, sometimes a baby can fall off and is left unprotected. If you find a baby possum, you can consult with your local wildlife support/rescue to see about bringing the lil guy to them. They can provide rehab until the possum is strong enough to be on their own and then they will release them to a safer environment.

I took this lil guy to The Pelican Harbour Station in Miami, they took great care of this baby possum & they had a second chance at life! Thank you Pelican Harbour Station!

On the other hand, this little one did not make it……..
All living beings deserve respect, BE KIND TO ANIMALS.

PS, I waited 1/2 day to make sure this baby possum had really passed away before burying him/her. The bugs had already started their natural process. :(

Fun fact, the females have two vaginas & two uteri. The males have a forked penis!