Spirit beings have made their presence known through photography in the form of orbs for many years throughout our history.

Typically it is said they show up in flash photography photos. Here is evidence of a photo taken with an iPhone 6S without flash photography. I had the “Live” setting on and I caught this orb flying around my image. I made it into a short video to share with you.  As I create my talismans, I send healing intentions into each of them. I feel my guides present assisting in this process. This is a beautiful validation~

This orb showed up in a photo I took of my friend while we were at the beach in 2018

This orb showed up in a photo I took of my friend while we were at the beach in 2018


The anti- believer’s definition of Orbs: 

The artifact can result from the backscatter or retro reflection of the light from airborne solid particles, such as dust or pollen, or liquid droplets, especially rain or mist. They can also be caused by foreign material within the camera lens.

CREDIT- @FXavier this video was converted from “live” photo. Key Largo, FL

CREDIT- @FXavier this video was converted from “live” photo. Palmetto Bay, FL

The consciously open’s definition of Orbs: 

Orbs are also known as ghost orbs or spirit orbs and are often thought to be the souls of people, spirit guides, angels, past relatives or animal companions. 

These balls of energy are electrically charged. Spirit is known to manifest through radios, tv’s, lights, etc, basically through electronics. The orb is energy being transferred through a source (electronics) to the spirit so they can manifest. They are detected by EMF detectors and more excitingly, video and photography or even the naked eye :) 

Some orbs have been videotaped floating intelligently and moving around objects. Some just hang around a person, animal or space. People have even seen faces inside of the orbs.  Orbs appear  in funerals, births, places of worship, places where there are vortexes or any random place. 

CREDIT- @FXavier this video was converted from “live” photo. Palmetto Bay, FL.

CREDIT- @FXavier this video was converted from “live” photo. Palmetto Bay, FL.

By Woken Vegan on 7/2019. Key West, FL Ghost Tour

Key West, FL Ghost Tour uploaded by Woken Vegan 7/2019.

Key West Ghost Tours  uploaded by Woken Vegan 7/2019.

Different Colored Orbs and their Meaning

It is said that each color represents a state of being or level of development.

Clear Orbs - spirit or entity is trying to communicate with you. information about that specific location, warning

White Orbs - divine energy, high frequency, spirituality and connection with a higher source. offer protection to those in that area, power

Silver Orbs (shiny not grey dull) - telekinetic power, congratulatory sign, strength, courage, power

Cloudy White/ White grey-ish Orbs - lost souls, It could be asking you for help them move on, they think you can help them cross over.

Gold Orbs -great things on the way, prosperity, reward, higher level of consciousness, free flowing energy, tolerance, creativity, wisdom

Pink Orbs - universal love or spiritual love of a deceased loved one, ascended master, guide, teacher or archangel, compassion, unconditional love, openness, usually when children are present

Pink/ Dark Orbs - hopeless, insecurities

Fuchsia Orbs - you are in love, feeling loved, it strengthens your soul, confidence and brings hope

Red Orbs - stress, restlessness, you are in need of protection

Dark/ Cloudy Red Orb - bad, angry, depressed, pain, mental impairment, weak spirit that want to scare you

Orange Orbs - they are protecting & healing you, safe, sense of belonging, they are good spirits

Dark/ Cloudy Orange Orbs - warning to avoid certain events, places or people.

Yellow Orbs - strengthens your body, mind & aura. you might be in need of replenishment

Yellow Dark/ Cloudy Orbs - DO NOT ENTER. caution, if someone has this color aura, stay away from them

Green Orbs - you are in need of healing, they will provide you with healing. fertility, Psychic growth

Green Dark/ Cloudy Orbs - show up when you or animals are purging negative energy or recovering from a bad time, injury or illness

Blue/ Bright Orbs - strong psychic energy, truth, spirit guide present, also healing energy towards your mental, emotional and soul well being

Blue/ Light Orbs - need of love, new love, improving your love life, tranquility

Blue/ Dark Orbs - angel or spirit guide providing guidance, shielding, survivor instinct

Indigo Orbs - you have warrior guardians protecting you from bad things happening

Violet Orbs - past loved one present, deceased human present, you are seeking spiritual guidance

Violet / white outline Orbs - guardian angel present to guide you

Purple/ Dark Orbs - loyalty, stored information, forgiveness, psychic & spiritual development

Brown Orbs - oneness with earth, earth- bound

Black Orbs - heavy energy, lower vibration energy, negative entity or unsafe energy, trapped , tortured, grief, fear

Grey Orbs - fear, depressed energy, lack of spirituality, trouble, confusion, or dead energy, serves no purpose

CREDIT- @FXavier this video was converted from “live” photo. Palmetto Bay, FL

CREDIT- @FXavier this video was converted from “live” photo. Palmetto Bay, FL

If you come across a negative orb follow these steps in my blog about The Violet Flame of fire

I was definitely a skeptic, but through out the years the orbs that have shown up in my photography have convinced me that they are not just “dust particles”.

This reality has so many magical things to discover✨

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CREDIT- FXavier  this was turned into video form from “Live”Photo.