How to do Laundry without Soap & Cruelty-Free!

By using this amazing laundry ball!

SmartKlean® Laundry Ball is a
mineral-based cleaner that effectively
washes  365 loads of fabrics without
harsh chemicals, soap or detergent.

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Mineral Ceramic Beads

The laundry ball is filled 4 types of many tiny ceramic beadsThese  beads are formulated with over 80 different kinds of non-toxic earth minerals, many of which are commonly used in cleaning
products such as clays, carbonates and salts. 

Far Infrared Beads - Breaks the water molecules into small clusters and increases their molecular motion, penetration force and washing power. Radiates negative ions to weaken the surface tension of the water, allowing the dirt to be easily removed.

Alakali Beads - Increases the water’s pH levels to 8-10 (alkaline / base levels) in order to neutralize acidic ions and help lift oil, grime and dirt off fabrics. Most soils are acidic in nature, therefore cleaning agents on the alkaline side of the pH scale are desirable for effective cleaning.

Anti-microbial Beads - Eliminates mold and pathogenic organisms. Contains nano-structured silver (silver nitrate) – effective in killing and preventing bacteria and infections. 

Chlorine Removal Beads - Neutralizes the chlorine compound in the water protecting the fabrics from oxidation.

 2 Magnets - Placed on the two opposite ends of the laundry ball, their polarization effect produces a magnetic field to reduce the size of water clusters and increase dissolved oxygen. More hydroxyl (OH-) ions are created to balance the pH environment and increase the cleansing effect of water.

TPE Shell Enclosure - Composed of eco-friendly“thermoplastic elastomer” (similar to rubber) and is free of BPA and PVC.Its shape and weight pump and agitate garments effectively beating off dirt and grime as it moves freely within the washing machine. The shell is gentle on clothing and safe for your washing machine.

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So, in a Nutshell!

The laundry ball is filled with ceramic beads and magnets uses an innovative technology designed to clean fabrics by changing the pH levels of water, shrinking the molecular size clusters of the water making it easier to pass through fabric pores without using any harsh chemicals. Saving you money on your energy & water bills.

  • If you do 1 load of laundry a week, it will last you….7 YEARS!

  • if you do two loads of laundry a week it will last you….. 3.5 YEARS!

  • ELIMINATE the cost for detergent, softeners, & dryer sheets! DO YOUR MATH!

  • Save mega bucks on your energy & water bills!

  • Its fantastic for those with sensitive skin, eczema, allergies FOR CHILDREN’S clothing

  • Did I mention 100% FREE OF HARMFUL CHEMICALS!


  • PROTECTS your clothing & EXTENDS fabric life

  • REDUCES PLASTIC packaging production and disposal WASTE. 

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