Water is said to be a crystal, it is conscious, cleansing & a profound healer when used with intention and gratitude.


I try to drink a gallon a day of treated water with the Water Ring & Shungite Purifying Stones, I notice its detoxifying effect, my energy levels are heightened, maybe its because I eat clean vegan food or in combination with treated water.  I never experience constipation; my skin is smooth and clear. 

Our Water Ring brings water to it's original state of being, clearing all memory of it's time on Earth to carry it's original blueprint. It is based on the principle of sacred geometry measure; superconductivity, and harmonic frequencies of light. It removes energetic blockages for healing in water therapy. One starts to notice a general feeling of more energy, a need of less sleep & sometimes reduced appetite. 

After drinking the treated water  for so long & I happen to drink other water whether its out at restaurant, gym, other people’s houses, etc… I notice a HUGE difference in the taste. So the down side to drinking this holistic water is the fact that I have to carry heavy glass bottles of it on the go. 

Look out for my blog providing PH tests with different brands of bottled water. ACK! THAT MEANS I HAVE TO BUY ONE TIME USE PLASTIC! :(  I promise to recycle.

So when I am traveling I take  my Water Ring, Alkazone Drops & MegaHydrate capsules with me (Blog to come talking about this great product and Creator of it! (Hint: Nicola Tesla*). It’s easy to travel with,  the drops are 1.25oz easy for security checks at the airport. 

Animals universally prefer ring-enhanced water to tap water.  If you can afford to splurge some extra bucks for a couple extra Water Rings for your animal companion’s water fountain/bowls  & the outdoor animals & birdbath, you may notice a new friend coming to try the water! I sometimes need to fill the ring treated water outside a few times in a day to keep up with the crowd of critters. 


Place a ring on your garden hose for lawn and gardening and you will notice less need for watering, increase in plant vitality & blossom from the healing, energizing and restructured water. 

I challenge you to try the Water Ring on your shower head for a few days and then without. It softens the water and reduces the need for soap.


The infinite source of energy within the Water Ring is not electric or magnetic yet it emits a valuable energy healing to all life forms.  It allows for direct communication with the water.  You can create healing elixirs simply by speaking through the water ring & placing the Water Ring around, under, or over the water. As I pour water I speak through the ring with intention. You can say high vibrational words such as bliss, I love you, gratitude, please provide healing & hydration, etc… You can notice a difference in taste in as little as 10 minutes. 


I leave my Water Ring around the water for at least eight to 24 hours for a total clearing & charging of the water.  This is my routine: I pour reverse osmosis water (I refill empty gallons at Whole Foods for 39 cent each gallon) into a glass container already filled with shungite purifying stones with the Water Ring over it. The next morning, I pour the charged water into a pitcher (best to use glass) & replenish the glass container already filled with shungite purifying stones with the Water Ring over it with new water. 

Then, I re-mineralize the water by adding activated & unprocessed salt blend:-Himalayan Pink Salt-Celtic Sea Salt-Korean Sea Salt-Hawaiian Sea Salt-French Grey Salt-Redmond Real Salt.

Also, these drops have over 77 trace minerals!

You can make a salt blend with water, use a 4 oz dropper These salts will add energetic value and a balance of trace minerals.

Water freezing test

There have been experiments done with water frozen treated with the Water Ring and without. Check out these results!!

Water frozen without the water ring

Water frozen without the water ring

Water frozen with water ring. It actually shattered the glass.

Water frozen with water ring. It actually shattered the glass.