Fire and Light Wand

Fire and Light Wand

  • Full length Sized version: 3mm brass rod by 14 inches (specifically 35.3133 cm) in length

  • Smaller version: 3mm brass rod by 4” in length

  • This sacred measure is known as the Standard Teotihuacan Unit.

  • Based on ancient technology

  • The gold fire & light rod exists on a higher dimensional plane
    and anchors into the physical through this measure.

  • Powerful subtle energy tool

  • Clearing your space, belief systems, Healing, Raising Vibrations

  • Shadow work and Activations

  • Creating and Un-Creating realities with Love

  • Use this tool to “wand” an area of distress,

    which raises the cells in frequency and vibration.

  • Try the Gold Fire Wand with plants, animal companions, people and places.

  • Even plants with diseased cells will respond to the change in vibration and frequency, allowing them to become vibrant and healthy!

  • Clears timelines, realities, close portal vortexes

  • Moves geomagnetic lines or clears them

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