How it all started

Woken Vegan is a lifestyle brand with an elevated consciousness.

It is our goal to improve the quality of life of our customers (and their animal companions!) by providing them with quality products, education of holistic and alternative health options, and overall promotion of becoming a balanced individual, as well as a conscious global citizen.

Founder Michelle Morrow started her journey into wellness as a method of self-healing and her desire to bring awareness to animal rights causes. Her professional career originated in the beauty industry with a focus on hair and makeup artistry for luxury brands & prestige agencies. However, her artistic passions and desire to inspire strength and beauty in her clients were over-shadowed by corporate philosophies and the impression that the pursuit of wealth outweighed karmic responsibility for the environment, as well as those most innocent, our animals. As an animal rights champion, she shifted her focus away from this industry and poured her heart into activism. Through this avenue she realized that in order to shift perspectives, she needed to start with personal healing and raising awareness.

On this journey, she quickly noticed that there was a lot of misinformation in the wellness community and wanted to simplify this process so that others would be able to easily find cruelty-free products that elevate the whole body and mind. Although Woken Vegan is still in its infancy stage, all the research has been done and tested. We have taken out the guesswork for our customers by providing healing and purification tools like custom-made talismans/pendants, and only the highest grade cannabidiol’s. It is our intention to impact the lives of others to cultivate a chain of energy that can be transferred globally to all of our planet’s inhabitants.

Welcome to Woken Vegan

Anything tolerated will never change

Woken Vegan gives back to animals with proceeds from sales



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