Talisman 29

Talisman 29

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  • Each piece is a one of a kind item

  • Handcrafted with positive & healing intention

  • Carnelian - vitality, motivation, creativity, courage, success, positive life choices, dispels apathy. Sacral Chakra.

  • Rose Quartz - universal love, heart opener, harmony, unconditional love. Heart chakra.

  • Herkimer Diamond - chakra clearing/healing & balancing energy, conscious attunement to the highest level, activating/opening the crown & third eye chakras, meditation, astral travel, psychic sensitivity removes energetic blocks.

  • Perfect for unique style gifts

  • Crystal healing power is a lot like electricity you can’t see it but it’s there!

  • Comes in velvet pouch

  • Chain sold separately

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