Talisman 30

Talisman 30

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  • Each piece is a one of a kind item

  • Handcrafted with positive & healing intention

  • Clear Quartz - Master healer (can be used to heal or treat almost any kind of health condition) Crown chakra, energy blockages, clarity, Creating altered states of consciousness. purification of the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Amplifying body energy and thoughts (holding a clear quartz doubles subtle bodies energies). Programmable to your individual needs, they will amplify energies or intentions that are programmed into them. transmit these energies from the physical world and into the etheric realm. They create a force field of healing negative ions. They clear your environment with positive ions while also protecting your aura. Assist in meditation, healing & spiritual development.

  • Rose Quartz - universal love, heart opener, harmony, unconditional love. Heart chakra.increase self love & for others, restores trust, mental harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love. deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

  • Herkimer Diamond - enhances psychic ability, dream recall, chakra clearing/healing & balancing energy, conscious attunement to the highest level, activating/opening the crown & third eye chakras, meditation, astral travel, psychic sensitivity removes energetic blocks.

  • Perfect for unique style gifts

  • Crystal healing power is a lot like electricity you can’t see it but it’s there!

  • Comes in velvet pouch

  • Chain sold separately

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